Introducing Muhnee

Eric Jiang <>

Sun 16th Feb 2020

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Today I am really excited to announce that Nikhil Ramesh and I are launching something that we have been working on recently over the past couple of months – Muhnee.

Muhnee is a really simple and exciting way to help you manage your money. A lot of money management and budgeting apps are complex, requiring you to create ‘savings accounts’ , and are not really mobile friendly.

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The goal of Muhnee is to:

To simplify the accounting and consolidation of financial matters through the analysis of past and present transactions and the establishment of future transactional patterns for the everyday, average customer

Muhnee Mission Statement

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We wanted to make a simple and easy to use app where the mobile (and other IoT devices) allows you to track your expenses and income on the go.

Whilst the more advanced web platform helps you analyze and allow you to report off your expenses.

In addition, Muhnee will help you manage your stocks portfolio (which will come in later iterations). And for the short-term traders out there, Muhnee will tell you your returns based off your trades – profit, losses and even capital gains.

FYI, Muhnee is still in its early days of its development, we just wanted it to get it off the ground before our lives got more hectic (especially mine). So please do provide us feedback and try it out today!