Talking to strangers

Eric Jiang <>

Fri 3rd Apr 2020

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Today, while browsing through Reddit I came upon a post where the user was talking about how he was talking to his Lyft driver. This reminded me of a conversation that I had with my taxi driver last year.

This happened last year on the way back from Sydney. I had just left the Google office where I was visiting for both work and catching up with a friend at Google.

I still remember the conversation that I had with my driver, it was my first time visiting Sydney since 12 years ago. And we got stuck in a traffic jam, RIP to those Sydney traffic jams!And we were talking about transport infrastructure around Melbourne and Sydney.

We also talked about IT in general, my driver turns out to be an immigrant from a country in Asia that I can’t remember and turns out his children also works within the IT industry. And we ended up talking about the ethics of working within the IT industry, which ended up being really interesting.

So the next time, in you get into a car whether its or a taxi, Lyft, Uber or other ride-sharing app, do talk to your driver, who knows they might be really interesting.

I also remembered a few other stories of talking to strangers that turned out to be interesting! Which I might leave for another time.