G'day, I'm Eric.

I’m a Test Engineer at Google.

In my spare time, I make impact by building awesome software solutions and building the communities around me.

🎤 Projects

I also work on alot of cool side projects both currently and in the past many of which still has a lot of users

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🎤 Tech Talks

I also do tech talks, whether its about Google Cloud, dev, cloud technologies, mobile, I will do it. Warning, there will be many memes inside my talks.

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Latest Posts

I occassionally write on my blog about tech, projects, reviews (and will add photography and travel in the future)... so here's some of them.

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Hello from Taiwan!
Fri 6th Nov 2020

Hello from Taiwan 👋🏼 As many of you would have known that I was planning to start my new job earlier this year in January/February 2020 as a Test Engineer at Google, but as the COVID19 outbreak happened, we had to delay my starting date many multiple times. Recently as...

Static Site Deployments with Webhooks
Thu 29th Oct 2020

Previously on my personal website, the blog content, after converting it back to Static Site Pages, I figured out that you can use webhooks to trigger rebuilds. As both Vercel (the hosting provider) and Prismic (the headless CMS provider) have support for webhooks. To do this, we are going to...

October 2020 Site Upgrades
Sat 24th Oct 2020

Something happened to my blog but you can't really tell if you visit the frontend of my blog! I migrated all my blog posts over to Prismic as a Headless CMS solution, after finding that I prefer writing my blog content over on a rich text editor and also having...