Hello I'm Eric Jiang

And I’m a Test Engineer at Google.

In my spare time, I make impact by building awesome software solutions and building the communities around me.

🎤 Projects

I also work on alot of cool side projects both currently and in the past many of which still has a lot of users

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🎤 Tech Talks

I also do tech talks, whether its about Google Cloud, dev, cloud technologies, mobile, I will do it. Warning, there will be many memes inside my talks.

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Latest Posts

I occassionally write on my blog about tech, projects, reviews (and will add photography and travel in the future)... so here's some of them.

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Recipe - Stir Fried Pork w/ Veggies


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Published on 10 Jan 2021

2020 in Review

Three words: 2020, Fuck You. Holy shit. Let's just admit it, 2020 was a shit year,...

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Published on 30 Dec 2020

Hello from Taiwan!

Hello from Taiwan 👋🏼 As many of you would have known that I was planning to start my new job earlier this year in January/February 2020 as a Test Engineer at Google, but as the COVID19 outbreak happened, we had to delay my starting date many multiple times. Recently as...

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Published on 6 Nov 2020