About Me

Hi, I’m Eric. I recently finished my course in Bachelor of Information Technology at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia where I majored in Computer networks and security. You can read more about me and why I choose an IT degree at Monash here.

I am known for founding and delivering MonPlan which is the Monash University enterprise course planning tool, built for students by students and was awarded the Rising Star category of the 2019 itnews Benchmark Awards - this is a National Award which recognizes a young IT professional who displays exceptional promise and has already clocked up impressive achievements.

I'd like to bring my passion for programming to building software and mechanisms to keep user data safe and ensuring that end users have the best user experience when using software. If you are a recruiter, I am best contacted via email at recruiting@ericjiang.dev



April 2020 - Present

Test Engineer

    Monash University

    Apr 2019 – Nov 2019

    Software Engineer - Google Cloud

    Dec 2016 – Mar 2019

    Junior Software Engineer – MonPlan Founder and Tech Lead

    • Successfully founded and delivered MonPlan which is the enterprise course planning application for Monash University, from ideation all the way up to an enterprise production application through the multi-million dollar, high-profile Student First program. Which delivered impact to 70000+ students and around 300+ staff. The application enhanced the business processes and the student experience.
    • Finalist and Winner for itNews 2019 Benchmark Awards – Rising Star Category which is a National Award which recognises a young IT professional who displays exceptional promise and has already clocked up impressive achievements.
    • Mentored other student development teams which successfully delivered products like SwapMe (class swapping application) and Project Portal (Final Year Project management platform for the Faculty of Engineering) which delivered impact to over 70000 students, and overhauled existing tedious processes.
    • Lead the development and replatform of the Student Booklist App and Bulk Messaging Service as part of the University’s Cybersecurity Uplift Project to reduce risk across legacy systems


    Dec 2017 – Feb 2018

    Intern Software Engineer

    • Designed and Built various React Native (RN) ‘Core’ Components for future use in RN Apps, which are highly customisable through internal APIs which allowed components to be reused.
    • Designed and built various components for react-native applications which are highly reusable and maintainable through OO Design, ReactJS and Redux Principles, such as the introduction of a modal stack into the core framework of the app.