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I put the tech in my talks… And also memes), just kidding. I actually love doing tech talks, hit me up if you are interested in letting me do a talk on Google Cloud, Frontend/Backend Development or my Career Journey

Upcoming Talks

No talks upcoming... Hit me up!

Past talks

1st August 2019
Introduction to Git

WIRED Monash

19th September 2019
Building NodeJS Apps on Google’s Scalable Infrastructure


30th April 2018
Student Innovation and Cloud Practices at Monash University

FIT2108 – Industry based learning seminar,Faculty of IT, Monash University

18th April 2018
Getting Started at Hackathons – Building MVPs using ReactJS and Firebase

Hackamon 2018, Monash University

18th April 2018
Gitting Started at Hackathons– Introduction to Git

Hackamon 2018, Monash University

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