I occassionally write on my blog about tech, projects, reviews (and will add photography and travel in the future)... so here's some of them.

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cover image for Recipe - Stir Fried Pork w/ Veggies
Recipe - Stir Fried Pork w/ Veggies
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Published on 10 Jan 2021

2020 in Review

Three words: 2020, Fuck You. Holy shit. Let's just admit it, 2020 was a shit year,

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Published on 30 Dec 2020

cover image for Hello from Taiwan!
Hello from Taiwan!

Hello from Taiwan 👋🏼 As many of you would have known that I was planning to start my new job earlier this year in January/February 2020 as a Test Engineer at Google, but as the COVID19 outbreak happened, we had to delay my starting date many multiple times. Recently as my home state of Victoria in Australia got out of our second wave of COVID19, I decided it was probably a good time to relocate, so I worked alongside Google's internal HR teams to help me relocate to Taiwan.

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Published on 6 Nov 2020

cover image for Static Site Deployments with Webhooks
Static Site Deployments with Webhooks

Previously on my personal website, the blog content, after converting it back to Static Site Pages, I figured out that you can use webhooks to trigger rebuilds. As both Vercel (the hosting provider) and Prismic (the headless CMS provider) have support for webhooks. To do this, we are going to try and trigger a build on the creation and deletion of blog-posts documents.

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Published on 29 Oct 2020

cover image for October 2020 Site Upgrades
October 2020 Site Upgrades

Something happened to my blog but you can't really tell if you visit the frontend of my blog! I migrated all my blog posts over to Prismic as a Headless CMS solution, after finding that I prefer writing my blog content over on a rich text editor and also having to roll out a change to my preview and main branches on my repository ( especially with blog posts.

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Published on 24 Oct 2020

Supercharging your development environment on Visual Studio Code

Like many developers out there, Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is now my go to editor for almost everything (with the exception for Android Studio (for Android) and IntelliJ IDEA (for Java)). I really like customising my VSCode, so that it is easier for me to develop on.

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Published on 23 Oct 2020

cover image for I've Graduated!
I've Graduated!

It is absolutely exciting to announce that I have (finally) graduated. While I really wanted to celebrate this amazing event in my life with everyone, this year has really been unprecedented and therefore it is really hard to celebrate with everyone in-person.

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Published on 21 Oct 2020

Migration of Live/Music

A few days ago whilst browsing through my old repositories on GitHub, I've discovered a really old app which showcased chaining some really awesome technologies together. This app showed what music I was playing anytime on Spotify or iTunes via

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Published on 2 Aug 2020

Philanthropy (FY2019)

As part of my way of giving back to society apart from volunteering and mentoring, I'm starting to kick off some donations and charity work. This past financial year (FY2019-2020), I've donated over A$220 to charities. This is broken down into $200 matched by my employer and $20 unmatched.

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Published on 11 Jul 2020

Analysing COVID-19 Flights in Australia with Python.

I you all may have been aware over the past few months, the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak started spreading all over the world and into Australia. I’ve been tracking the Australian cases as it started to slowly climb the exponential curve, with most of the cases being imported (and still is) and now central way of keeping track of it. I decided to build a tool which captures this data source from various government websites.

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Published on 1 Apr 2020

Making your terminal more awesome

I use my terminal 90-100% of the time whenever I’m on my MacBook Pro and like many other developers I really like customising my terminal so that it helps me with my workflow.

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Published on 6 Feb 2020

cover image for 2019 in Review
2019 in Review

And that’s it! We’re now at the end of 2019 which also means it’s the end of the decade too. These past 10 years have gone by in a flash, at the start of the decade I started high school, now at the end of it I finished my degree at Monash University. So here’s a look back across 2019.

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Published on 25 Dec 2019

cover image for Farewell Monash eSolutions (and Monash)
Farewell Monash eSolutions (and Monash)

To be honest, I don’t really like saying goodbyes and usually hope I can just disappear quietly. Yet, at the same time I realise that I have to do this otherwise I’ll probably regret it in a couple of months. So I’m writing this to reflect my time at Monash and what I have learnt along this journey.

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Published on 2 Nov 2019

March 2019 in review

As I previous stated back in late February 2019, that this year was going to be hectic Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been quite busy, with...

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Published on 30 Mar 2019

2019 itNews Benchmark Awards

It’s a great honour and privilege to win the 2019 itnews #BenchmarkAwards – Rising Star Category along side Fiona Sparks (Go Victoria!)

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Published on 14 Mar 2019

2018 in Review

That was quick! 2018 went by in a breeze and we’re here with a new year. For me this year, it was about making a difference to the community. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone (friends, family, co-workers) who have supported me throughout this year. And all the best for 2019!

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Published on 31 Dec 2018

What advice would I have given to my 16 year old self.

This article is inspired by Josh Farr’s post about ‘Given it’s 2018 and knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 16-year old self?’

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Published on 1 Jun 2018

cover image for monPlan Beta Release
monPlan Beta Release

Today, we are excited to announce the release of v2018.0.0. This release launches 🚀 MonPlan out of Alpha and into Beta.

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Published on 8 Feb 2018

How we started monPlan

As we are coming to our first birthday, we want to really look back on how we grew monPlan to what it is today.

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Published on 9 Oct 2017

cover image for monPlan Update — v2017.2.4 Release Notes
monPlan Update — v2017.2.4 Release Notes

As one of the many developers on this team, I am very happy to announce our new public release!This is one of latest patches not only going back to our roots and making it better but also bringing the foundations of some key new features which will be present in the application over the next few months.

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Published on 31 May 2017

cover image for monPlan Update - v0.4.0 Release Notes
monPlan Update - v0.4.0 Release Notes

Version 0.4.0 refines our integration with our API as well as introduction nice and cool features. Most of the updates this time is improving our app through various fixes such as improvements to the server-side as well as other cool features.

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Published on 30 Apr 2017

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