14th Mar 2019

2019 itNews Benchmark Awards

by Eric Jiang <eric@ericjiang.dev>

It’s a great honour and privilege to win the 2019 itnews #BenchmarkAwards – Rising Star Category along side Fiona Sparks (Go Victoria!)

Firstly, a big thanks to Josh Nelsson-Smith who started out this project (originally as an Open Source Project) with me – without your initial help and your awesome development and management skills, we wouldn’t have transformed the student experience. Also a thanks to all the other students who worked on this project: Saurabh Joshi, Charles Campton, Robert Koch, David Copley, Harry Ferrier, Ben Clare, Isabel Sprengers, David Lei, Callistus Tan, Katie Ng, Nicholas Whittaker, Mansi Vyas, Hyun Shim, Rebecca Young and Benjamin Yap – you guys are awesome!

Special thanks to Teresa Finlayson, Trevor Woods for really transforming and supporting Student Innovation at Monash University, and thanks to Edwina Harvison for supporting this project through the Student First Program.

Another big thanks goes out to the mentors and managers who without the help of we wouldn’t have made it this far: Linh Truong, Chau Lam and William Harvey.

You can check out the original news article here

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