31st May 2017

monPlan Update — v2017.2.4 Release Notes

by Eric Jiang <eric@ericjiang.dev>

Hi There!

As one of the many developers on this team, I am very happy to announce our new public release! This is one of latest patches not only going back to our roots and making it better but also bringing the foundations of some key new features which will be present in the application over the next few months.

Rebranding and Design Changes

This release allows us to take a look at where we are and where we want to move forward. monPlan is really about making the journey which students take whilst studying at Monash more easier, and make the information much more accessible. So we had to go back where we begun, and redo the entire site one step-at a time and make it modern, and similar to other Monash Apps, making the transition between the sites more easier.

The site is now rebranded, we have incoporated many Material Design Principles to make the app look more modern, as well as taking it above and beyond with our AX Fixes.


This release introduces one of our testing features, users can login via Google and Facebook and sign up for an account. But most of these will change over the next few weeks as we introduce Monash SSO support, meaning current students can login via SSO and my.Monash. It is now known as my monPlan.

monPlan Insiders Program

We are also excited to announce our monPlan Insiders Program. The program looks at: letting you (the users) attend our bi-monthly testing workshops, vote on designs as well as testing out new functionality that we are introducing. This is available here: https://monplaninsiders.slack.com/ and you can signup over this link.

Key Issue Fixes

But first we have been driven by many fixes that will help us towards a more functional and better app that allows everyone to use across multiple sites.

Issues fixed includes: #493 (CRIC-002), SECMED-001.

Other Issues

Other issues submitted by our community and our support teams have gradually improved the application, such as: Key Accessiblity Fixes allows users with AX Supported Browsers to use within our site The team thanks for being on this journey with us so far! We would very much appreciate feedback. We can be contacted via email at esol-stft-monplan-l@monash.edu as well as over the “Give us Feedback” link in the component sidebar.

Once again thanks for supporting us,

Eric Jiang
Project Lead and Co-Founder monPlan
E: eric.jiang@monash.edu

Originally published at monplandevblog.wordpress.com on May 31, 2017.

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