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Hello from Taiwan!

Hello from Taiwan 👋🏼 As many of you would have known that I was planning to start my new job earlier this year in January/February 2020 as a Test Engineer at Google, but as the COVID19 outbreak happened, we had to delay my starting date many multiple times. Recently as my home state of Victoria in Australia got out of our second wave of COVID19, I decided it was probably a good time to relocate, so I worked alongside Google's internal HR teams to help me relocate to Taiwan.

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Published on 6 Nov 2020

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I've Graduated!

It is absolutely exciting to announce that I have (finally) graduated. While I really wanted to celebrate this amazing event in my life with everyone, this year has really been unprecedented and therefore it is really hard to celebrate with everyone in-person.

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Published on 21 Oct 2020

2019 itNews Benchmark Awards

It’s a great honour and privilege to win the 2019 itnews #BenchmarkAwards – Rising Star Category along side Fiona Sparks (Go Victoria!)

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Published on 14 Mar 2019

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